Gepco XB401-25 Single-Pair 24 AWG X-Band Wire (with Braided Shield), 25ft

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The X-Band series is an ultra-flexible, sonically transparent, low-noise, and durable balanced audio cable for use in critical recording studio facilities or live sound venues. X-Band single-pair is both extremely flexible and flaccid, yet maintains a high degree of durability. Each oxygen-free copper conductor is insulated with a unique low k constant, foam polypropylene dielectric that lowers the capacitance and extends the bandwidth of the cable. Low noise is achieved through tight and precision pair twisting with a durable 95% braid shield. In addition, X-Band also remains easy to prep and terminate. The insulation and jacket are both easy to score, break, and strip; the tight weave braided shield is easy to trim and terminate via the drain wire.


Nominal OD: .145"

Conductors Insulation: 24 AWG (40x40) Stranded Oxygen-free BC

Insulation (type, wall thick)/Color Code: Foam Polypropylene, .012"/ One White, One Black

Shield: 95% TC Braid

Drain Wire: 24 AWG (41x40) Stranded TC

Jacket:  Ultra-flexible G-Flex PVC

Approx. Weight: 15 lbs/Mft

    Electrical Specifications:

  • Capacitance: 17.5 pF/ft between conductors, 31 pF/ft between one conductor and other tied to shield:   
  • Cond. DCR: 27.5 Ω/Mft:     
  • Drain DCR: 6 Ω/Mft
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