PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2AI Digital Mixer

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Built on the features and functionality of the award-winning StudioLive 16.4.2 and 24.4.2 digital consoles, the AI-mixers retain the same powerful, surface driven user interface while adding amazing processing power, unique software network integration, and enhanced workflow features.

Available in 32-, 24-, and 16-channel frame sizes, each AI-Series Mixer is equipped with a next generation DSP platform that enables PreSonus’ Active Integration technology.

Active Integration creates a complete, networked, tightly integrated hardware/software ecosystem in which every touch point in the system communicates to enhance the user experience and solve practical problems in ways not previously possible.


  • One-to-one control over every parameter
  • 24-bit, up to 48 kHz sampling rate
  • High-Definition Burr Brown® A/D-D/A converters (118 dB dynamic range)
  • 32-bit floating point digital mixing and effects processing
  • Studio One-derived 64-bit coefficients for summing engine, EQ and dynamics
  • The most analog inputs and out- puts of any mixer in its class for more flexible connectivity
  • Active Integration™ software suite
  • Fully integrated, continuously bi-directional FireWire s800 recording interface for easy recording and virtual soundchecks
  • 20 dedicated mix buses for easy configuration
  • Analog Inserts on every channel
  • Analog Direct Outputs on every channel
  • Analog Stereo Tape I/O
  • 2 Stereo Balanced Aux Return Inputs
  • Fat Channel
  • 12 31-band graphic
  • EQs on each Aux and
  • the Main bus with A/B
  • Alt EQ & Dynamics button lets you A/B two different Fat Channel settings
  • USB Device port supports USB wireless LAN adapter and thumbdrives for firmware updates
  • 29 100mm Faders
  • 99-Scene Store and Recall
  • Quick “zero-out” for each parameter
  • Talkback communication system
  • S/PDIF out
  • Optional iPad® Stand
  • Option Cards for S800/Ethernet (included), Thunderbolt, Dante and AVB


  • Mixing Surface: Hardware and software
  • Mixer Channels: 24
  • Mic Inputs: 24
  • Preamp Type: XMAX Class A
  • Line Inputs: 24 (TRS)
  • Analog Inserts: 24
  • Stereo Aux Inputs: 2
  • Tape Input: Yes
  • Tape Output: Yes
  • Talkback Input: Yes
  • Total Mix Buses: 20
  • Main L/R Bus: Yes
  • Main Mono Bus: Yes
  • LCR Mode: -
  • Aux Mixes: 10
  • Analog Aux Outputs: 10 (TRS)
  • Direct Outputs: Yes
  • Control Room Outputs: Yes
  • Subgroups: 4
  • Dual A/B Fat Channel on all Inputs and Outputs: Yes
  • FX Buses and Processors: 4
  • GEQ: 12
  • Mute Groups: 6 (via VSL-AI)
  • Quick Scenes: 6 (via VSL-AI)
  • Filter Groups: Coming Soon
  • Digital IO: 40x26
  • MIDI IO: -
  • Cascading: Yes
  • Option Cards: Dante and AVB cards available
  • Bundled Software: UC Surface, VSL-AI, Capture™, Studio One® Artist, QMix™-AI
  • Integrates Smaart® Audio Analysis: Yes
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