Sound Isolation Company FST Foil Seam Tape Soundproofing Seam Tape 3" x 50 yards

Article number: FST Foil Seam Tape
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Used for acoustically sealing between stud/joint seams in Soundproof Barrier and all Floor Underlayments. Foil Seam Tape will insure that the seams remain as a vapor barrier in flooring applications over concrete.


  • Acoustical Soundproofing Seal tapes will effectively damp sound and vibration. High-tack adhesive backing adheres tightly to your soundproofing surfaces. Apply Acoustical Soundproofing Tape over Mass Loaded Vinyl or Floor Underlayment seams to reduce sound leaks between rooms.


  • Roll Dimensions: 2.5″ x 50 yards (Self Adhering)
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