Sound Isolation Company RMA237 Resilmount Clip

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The Resilmount line of sound isolation clips. With many designs Resilmount can accommodate a variety of construction challenges. Multi-family Housing, Mixed-use Commercial, Studios and Home Theaters are just a few perfect projects for Resilmount clips.

With a variety of models, Resilmount offers unique solutions to several soundproofing challenges. Decoupling double wall construction, dropping ceiling below conduits or minimizing the drop to 1/4″, and isolating walls from masonry exteriors are just a few of the benefits when using Resilmount Clips. For truly isolated walls and ceilings, choose the appropriate Resilmount Clip to solve your soundproofing problem.


  • Dead load of 55lbs each clip (max)
  • Spacing of clip is 48" o.c. (max)
  • Simple installation with screws or masonry anchors to any substrate
  • Use with 7/8" or 1/2" furring channel


  • Dimensions: 3" x 1.75" x 1" (l x w x h)
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